We recognise our ability to help the local community and as such have made several donations of furniture to charitable groups. We also make regular donations to several charities and have sponsored local school’s sports teams and local community interest organisations.


Training & Development

Evertaut has a dedicated team of staff, many of whom are long-standing employees who joined the company at a young age and remain loyal. Having developed their craft over many years, they have become specialists in their field.

In addition to our commitment to develop existing staff, we recognise the need to invest in new talent. This ensures the next generation of employees have the skills and technical knowledge required to produce the quality products and outstanding customer service we are known for.

In conjunction with local colleges and training providers, we offer apprenticeships which allow new, young employees to train whilst also earning nationally accredited City & Guilds qualifications.

Local Environment

This year, Evertaut will plant a further five trees within the grounds to optimise carbon capture in the future years to come. Evertaut continues to protect soils and enhance natural habitats by promoting biodiversity.  We have planted numerous hedgerows, plants, flowers and shrubs, offering an environmentally rich and biodiverse culture for local wildlife to inhabit. 

We further encouraged wildlife by installing a bird bath and bird feeders across the grounds and our ‘Pallet Mansion’ offers shelter to small mammals and insects in the winter, with effort made not to disturb fauna when any pallets are required. 

Our driveway is interspersed with green areas and we employ local business JDR Groundcare (who refrain from using harmful chemicals and pesticides), to help sustain our biodiverse landscape. Curation of our pleasant landscaped grounds, ensures an aesthetic local environment for our neighbours and a welcoming place for our staff to come to work.