Evertaut has over 90 years’ experience in seating production, having been established in the 1930’s as a manufacturer of industrial furniture for factories and offices.

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Although the company has undergone many changes over the years, its focus on quality manufacturing and customer care has ensured it has consistently remained a key player in the commercial seating market.

At Evertaut today we actively seek to bring added value products to our customers and regularly work with designers and architects to achieve this. Continual investment in plant, people and product design has resulted in continued success and underpins our position as specialists in seating with a long-term future in seating manufacture.

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John Boultbee Brooks is born

John Boultbee Brooks, founder of our beloved Evertaut brand, is born on April 22nd in Hinckley, Leicestershire. He is the son of a Victorian leatherworker.



J. B. Brooks & Co is founded

J. B. Brooks arrives in Birmingham with just £20 in his pocket and founds J. B. Brooks & Co, a company manufacturing leather harnesses and tackle for horses.



The Brooks saddle is born

Following the death of his horse, J. B. Brooks lacks the funds to buy another and borrows a newly popular ‘bicycle’ to travel to work. The wooden saddle — in combination with solid tyres and cobbled streets — is so uncomfortable that he decides to make his own from leather and sprung steel. Thus, the famous Brooks saddle is born.



Antler Luggage is established

Brooks establishes the ’Antler’ division, which manufactures leather suitcases for ocean and road travel. Antler Luggage still exists today as a separate company.



The ‘E1’ stool

J. B. Brooks and Company Ltd, now of Criterion Works, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, submit a patent application for an ‘improved seat’. The subsequent ‘E1’ stool goes on to become a staple in factories and institutions nationwide under the brand name Evertaut.



The first Evertaut advert

The very first advert for a Brooks Evertaut stool appears in the national press.



Brooks Evertaut division established

The Brooks Evertaut line is so successful that the range is established as a separate division, specialising in steel furniture.



Specialists in occupational seating

The post-war economic boom sees rapid growth in manufacturing, leading to more factories and larger workforces. Already established as specialists in occupational seating, Evertaut thrive.



Darwen factory opened

Evertaut open factories in Darwen, Lancashire, where they focus on seating manufacture.



Harris & Sheldon acquire J. B. Brooks Industries

Shopfitting specialists Harris & Sheldon acquire J. B. Brooks Industries. It comprises over 10 companies, including Antler and Evertaut.



UK’s largest exporter of office seating

Now an International company, Evertaut becomes the UK’s largest exporter of office seating.



Acquired by Wassall PLC

Evertaut, and later, Hillé Furniture, are acquired by Wassall PLC.



Robin Day polypropylene chair

Evertaut and Hillé are sold to Idem Furniture Ltd. Amongst other designs, they produce the iconic Robin Day polypropylene chair for the Idem-Hillé brand, and a range of ergonomic seating under the Evertaut label.



Auditorium seating

Evertaut is bought out by 3 employees, and as a result of the association with Hillé it diversifies into auditorium seating.



Move to Blackburn

Evertaut moves from Darwen to its current location in Blackburn, Lancashire.



Market leader of contract seating

Nigel Smalley, who joined Evertaut as a warehouse operative in 1981, takes sole ownership of the company, which has become one of the largest suppliers of auditorium and stadium seating in the UK and a market leader of contract seating.



Market leader of contract seating

Evertaut becomes a second generational family business, when husband and wife duo Christopher and Nicole Smalley acquire the business from Christopher’s parents.



Original designs relaunched

Evertaut relaunch several of their original designs, including the classic E1 stool.