Evertaut is certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and as part of our design process we consider the effect our manufacturing and sourcing has on the environment.

From material selection, local sourcing, manufacturing, minimised impact deliveries, and reusable/recyclable packaging; we actively seek to reduce all impacts on the environment. Evertaut products are designed to allow recycling and/or refurbishment at the end of their life.

As a company we have a commitment to the following environmental principles:

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Minimisation of energy and material usage and the production of waste
  • Effective and responsible waste management and disposal
  • Promoting reuse and recycling wherever practical
  • Maintaining high awareness of environmental issues amongst the workforce
  • Involving suppliers, contractors and customers in environmental initiatives
  • Taking account of sustainability/recyclability of materials during the design process, and ensuring all timber/timber-based products are sourced from sustainable, managed forests