Nottingham Forest FC

Case Study

Tactic Room, Wilford Lane Training Ground

Evertaut are proud to announce the completion of a new and exciting refurbishment project of Nottingham Forest’s training ground at Wilford Lane.

“[…] Wilford Lane, which has been our home for over 20 years, provides the ideal footprint for us to improve and further integrate our first team and academy operations […] essential to the culture and philosophy we are seeking to develop at the club.”
– Nicholas Randall QC , Nottingham Forest Chairman

2021 saw the initial phase of the club’s refurbishment get underway, starting with the Nigel Doughty training ground and the club’s Tactic Room. For this design, the contractors, Yellow Interiors, chose to install Evertaut’s incredibly comfortable and high specification Olympian chairs.

Our Olympian range consists of some of the most luxurious chairs in our stadium seating range. With a supportive high backrest and a deeply cushioned seat, the Olympian has been specially designed to offer incredible comfort to spectators over longer periods of time.

Upholstered in our sumptuous Just Colour faux leather and finished with fully upholstered arms and end panels, the Olympian seating range offers ultimate comfort for stadiums and beyond. The rouge colourway and detailed embroidery of Nottingham Forest’s emblem adds even more personality to the room, reinforcing the club’s history and its proud community spirit.

Even though all of Evertaut’s projects are designed to take the width of the treads into consideration before they are manufactured, there was no need to do so for this particular project. As there was no rip out required prior to installation of the seating, the room was a blank canvas on which to work. This meant that tiers could be built around the specification of the seats and not the other way around. The tiering design – added by the contractors – took the size of the seats into account so as to provide maximum comfort for players and team management alike.

The turn around between design and installation of the seating for the Tactic Room was incredibly efficient. As with each project, Evertaut worked hard to collaborate closely with the contractors, ensuring that we achieved what the club envisioned for the space.

Whilst there has been a noticeable rise in the popularity of premium VIP seats in stadiums, there has also been an increase in the installation of high specification seating away from the stands. This is because an increasing number of clubs seek to encourage their teams by replicating the atmosphere of match days as they complete the work leading up to them.
The seating in the Tactic Room not only looks magnificent but plays a key role in helping to transform the mood of the room. More than a meeting room, the Tactic Room is a space where management can bring different team members together in an environment which is both welcoming and conducive to focussed work.

Overhauling the entire aesthetic of the Tactic Room in this way has highlighted the collaborative function of the space. Selecting seating such as the Olympian, which is not only luxurious in its design but also prioritises comfort, encourages teamwork both on and off the pitch.

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