Choosing Hospital Waiting Room Chairs

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22 Apr, 2021

A visit to hospital can be a very stressful experience and whatever department patients go to, it is very likely they will have to spend some time in a waiting area. Whilst there are many hospitals with welcoming waiting rooms that have been upgraded over the years, there are still a lot of bleak and functional ones which do nothing to help patients feel calm and relaxed prior to their appointment.

In A&E departments in particular, wait times can be very long yet some are furnished with hard plastic seats which can feel very uncomfortable, particularly after several hours of being seated.

As waiting rooms are due to be refurbished, there are many comfortable yet functional waiting room chairs on the market which can help hospitals provide a better patient experience. Whilst the overall aesthetic of a waiting room can help set a mood for the space, the hospital waiting room chairs provided can make a big difference to physical comfort which can in turn help patients feel more relaxed. The design, colour and layout of the seating obviously does also impact the look and ambiance of the space and these are all key elements to consider when specifying hospital seating.


Beam Seating in Hospital Waiting Rooms

For busy waiting rooms where space is at a premium, beam seating is available in a wide range of configurations and finishes and can be used to create a seating scheme tailored to the space. Most beams are available with between 2 and 5 seat places whilst integral tables can replace any seat position. This flexibility makes beam seating very popular with healthcare specifiers.

Beams are a great alternative to individual waiting room chairs and can be supplied with free-standing or floor-fixing legs. They can be positioned back to back, in long rows and around corners. Some models are available with the option of flip-up seats which makes them an ideal solution in corridors and other areas where space is at a premium.


Evertaut’s Range of Hospital Beam Seating

The waiting room pictured left is fitted with Evertaut’s Dual Beam in a variety of configurations. 5-Seater beams are fitted along the left-hand wall whilst under the window the left-hand seat position on a 4-seater beam has been replaced with a table which sits neatly in the corner. In the foreground two 3-seater beams sit side-by-side to create a row of 6 seats with the same configuration fitted back-to-back. Note that 5-seater beams incorporate 3 legs for stability.

Evertaut’s Dual Beam hospital waiting room chairs

The Dual Beam features a cushioned and upholstered seat and back and is seen here with floor-fixing legs. It is supplied as standard with a black frame but a silver frame is also available as an option.

Evertaut’s Bradford Beam was originally created for the hospital corridors pictured below. Specified with multi-coloured antimicrobial vinyl, the beams were fitted against bold coloured walls and the overall scheme won a building design award.

With a deep cushioned, flip-up seat and floor-fixing legs, the Bradford Beam is a more luxury option that can help transform a plain corridor into a welcoming waiting area.

This is also a great example of how the use of colour can really make an impact in a hospital waiting room. When it comes to choosing waiting room chairs for hospitals, you don’t have to have all the seats the same colour and there is often no additional cost for specifying beams with a selection of different upholstery colours.

Evertaut’s Bradford Beam hospital waiting room chairs

The Bradford Beam is now supplied as standard fully upholstered but was manufactured with wooden arms and end panels for this scheme.

Evertaut’s Dandi Beam hospital waiting room chairs

Another comfortable option for hospital waiting room seating is the Dandi Beam which incorporates a fixed seat and upholstered seat and back. It is pictured left with free standing legs and end arms. All Evertaut’s beam seating can be supplied with or without arms which can be fitted between each individual seat or at either end of a beam.

As with Evertaut’s other beams, the Dandi is supplied as standard with black metalwork with silver being available as an additional option which was chosen here.

An alternative to the Dual or Dandi is the Sentinel Beam, pictured right, which is available with a choice of fixed or flip-up seats and a range of other options. Shown top left with upholstered seats and backs, the Sentinel can also be manufactured with plastic or wooden seats, as also shown.

Although the upholstered option offers the highest level of comfort, there are obviously some settings where this is unsuitable. For establishments where there is a higher risk of vandalism, plastic or wood can be more robust and less susceptible to deliberate damage.

Evertaut’s Sentinel Beam hospital waiting room chairs

As with the Dual and Dandi Beams, Sentinel can be manufactured with black or silver metalwork and with floor-fixing or free-standing legs. Please note that for beams with flip-up seats, it is strongly recommended that only floor-fixing legs are specified for safety and stability.

Social Distancing Waiting Room Chairs

A current issue with any type of waiting room chairs is the social distancing of patients. Whilst the seats on beams are fixed together, temporary signage has to be used to mark certain seats as being out of use. Although it is hoped the end to social distancing in the UK is now in sight, some establishments are still looking to procure seating which facilitates a distance between patrons in their waiting room.

In response to this requirement, Evertaut has developed a single seat version of its floor-fixing Sentinel Beam which can be fitted at the necessary intervals. These seats can be supplied with flip-up or fixed seats and with black or silver metalwork. The same material finishes of plastic or wood as on the beams are also available.

Evertaut’s social distancing hospital waiting room chairs

Individual Waiting Room Chairs

If beam seating is not what you are looking for then there is obviously a vast array of seating designs and styles on the market. Evertaut manufactures a wide range of waiting room chairs and break-out seating suitable for hospitals which can be upholstered with antimicrobial vinyl.

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