Blackpool Opera House

Case Study


When the seating at Blackpool Opera House was in need of refurbishment, the theatre needed to find a supplier who could work around their performances and Evertaut fitted the bill.

Blackpool Opera House is part of the Winter Gardens complex which first opened to the public in 1878 and houses a collection of theatres, ballrooms, exhibition halls and public spaces. The current Opera House opened in 1939 and is the third Opera House on the same site. With a seating capacity close to 3,000 it is one of the largest theatres in the UK and Europe.

Seating is on Stalls, Circle and Balcony levels with dedicated areas for wheelchair users in the Stalls. When some of the seating in the theatre was in need of refurbishment Blackpool Opera House needed to find a supplier who could work around their performances – with a busy schedule of hit shows the theatre needed to remain open throughout.

Auditorium at Blackpool Opera House

Refurbishment Requirement

Evertaut was contacted by Blackpool Opera House with a view to providing refurbishment services for a section of seating in the stalls area. The theatre was looking for a supplier who could remove all the seats, backs and arms and take them away for refurbishment. The refurbished seats then had to be reinstalled to fit in with the theatre’s performance schedule.

Seating Refurbishment Process

Evertaut’s installation team visited the site to remove the seats, backs and arms, leaving the metalwork in situ. These were all bought back to our factory where our team began the refurbishment process.

Seats in stalls at Blackpool Opera House before refurbishment

Seat backs were stripped down to the frame, new combustion modified foams were fully tailored and upholstered and the top rail was re-polished. New back boards were stained and fitted. New seats and arms were made, fully tailored and upholstered in ‘Rust’ fabric from the Sunbury Reno fabric range. New stained base boards were then fitted to the seats.

Installation of Refurbished Seats

There was a very small window for the refurbishment and re-installation of the seats as Blackpool Opera House had taken these particular seats off sale for only 2 weeks, after which they became ‘live’ again. Performances were still taking place in the theatre and so we also had to work around show times.

At Evertaut we are used to working to deadlines and understand that installations often need to be done within a very specific time frame and that some venues simply cannot close. We worked closely with Blackpool Opera House to co-ordinate when our installation team could gain access to the theatre to ensure the installation was done in a timely manner and within the required deadline.

With the seating refurbishment complete, the team at Blackpool Opera House and the Winter Gardens were very pleased with the results and have since commissioned Evertaut to undertake further refurbishment work in the venue.


Winter Gardens Blackpool Logo“Just wanted to thank you for the professional service received and the quality of your product, we are very pleased with the seats refurbished so far.”

Lynda Baker – Front of House Manager, Blackpool Opera House


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