Evertaut Aspire Conference Auditorium Seating

Kalix Folk High School, Sweden

Case Study

Kalix Folkhogskola

Evertaut are proud to be part of a recent project at Kalix Folk High School, Sweden. As one of the highest ranked schools in Sweden, the contractors, Sparta Systems, requested Evertaut to refurbish the lecture hall with seating that reflected the aspirations of the management and students of the School.

Evertaut’s Aspire Conference Deluxe chairs were selected for the project, with the contractor choosing to upholster them in our Camira Mainline Plus Carbon fabric – a high quality fabric that is both comfortable and hard-wearing. These chairs were complemented with the installation of Formica Fundamentals Biella Walnut flip up tablets with polished edges. By incorporating these flip up tablets into the design of the seating, this area of the hall actively encourages both individual and collaborative work. Integrating the use of technology into the design of the lecture hall seating has future-proofed the function and validity of the space for students, whilst also allowing the School to offer a high quality space for third party conferences and exhibitions.

Site Survey

A senior member from the Evertaut team discussed design options with Sparta Systems in order to plan the best layout for the seating based on the needs of the School. The meetings outlined the client’s specific requirements and dimensions of vital aspects such as the number and size of the concrete tiered rows, treads and risers.

The nature and timing of the project meant that we worked closely with the contractors during an enormously difficult time for international trade. Therefore it was essential that discussions between all parties were regular and thorough to ensure that the seating plan delivered the School’s vision for the future.

Once the contractor had confirmed that they were happy with the design, Evertaut began manufacturing the seating, which was to be installed by a third party in Sweden.

Seating Plan

Though no rip out of the old design was necessary, there were other aspects to consider such as the aesthetic of the space. As the lecture theatre would be used for visiting company conferences as well as students at the School, the seats had to appeal to a variety of users and demographics.


180 Aspire Conference Deluxe chairs were manufactured with tread widths and riser heights tailored to the client’s requirements confirmed during the discussions for the site survey.

The finished lecture hall at Kalix Folk High School is a comfortable and stimulating space that supports the School’s hard-working students. Evertaut’s stylish Aspire Conference Deluxe chairs have created a space that will appeal to students and third-party visitors for years to come.

If you want to upgrade the seating at your school, college, university, or add to the premium seating you already offer, Evertaut can help. Both our seating and our service can be tailored to meet your requirements. To enquire about what Evertaut can provide for you, please complete and submit the Contact Us form.