Seat Covers – Evertaut Case Study

Case Study

Seat Covers – a budget alternative for a luxury experience.


Here at Evertaut, we are always looking for new ways to provide our customers with what they need.


It’s not only our fixed seating that our clients reach out to Evertaut for, recently we have been working hard to develop a range of replacement seat covers, suitable for a wide variety of seating. Our team has endeavoured to develop a quality product that reflects Evertaut’s values, available at a lower price point. Whether it be seating for a stadium or a hospitality venue, a place of worship or a temporary outdoor arena, there is an Evertaut seat cover for the job.


Crafted from flame retardant Crib 5 fabric, our seat covers are available in a range of materials and colourways to match the aesthetic of your venue. Fabrics such as our wipeable vinyl aren’t just easy to maintain, they’re also compatible with antimicrobial and antifungal coatings to offer additional reassurance to customers and visitors of your venue.


Initially designed for high traffic stadiums and hospitality areas, our seat covers are versatile and durable. Evertaut’s seat covers are easy to fit with added velcro strips for additional durability and are also tested against the regular wear, scratches and tears expected of seating with a high volume of visitors. Our seat covers have been designed with the unpredictability of the great British weather in mind, to withstand rain, wind and UV damage for unrivalled longevity.


Evertaut Waterproof Covers protecting luxury stadium seating from the elements.


Evertaut’s range of seat covers offer a more financially viable option for venues needing to upgrade their seating, without the costly outlay of a full replacement of a venue’s existing seating. To find out more on what Evertaut can offer check out this page Seat Covers and Caps.


The Evertaut team are proud to be able to say that we have crafted a budget alternative for a luxury experience. With the ability to be tailored to your specifications, our seat covers are able to be completely bespoke. Maybe you require a different size seat cover for your outdoor seating than you do for your indoor seating, or perhaps you wish to provide a luxe experience for your customers by increasing the thickness of the foam in the seat covers of your new and exclusive VIP area. Whatever your needs, there’s an Evertaut seat cover for you.


At Evertaut, we know how important seating is to your venue, which is why we offer a variety of ways to personalise your seat covers. Whether it be your team’s crest, your brand’s logo or your business’ name, our embroidery service can make each seat cover reflect your venue, your brand and your visitors. What’s more, we offer nationwide fitting for all of our seat covers by our professional installers.

Manufactured by Evertaut’s dedicated team at our factory in the heart of the North West, our seat covers offer the same great quality that our loyal customers have come to know and expect from Evertaut over the years. But don’t just take our word for it – Evertaut’s seats have consistently been award 5* ratings by none other than @ThePaddedSeat.


Contact a member of our team today and join the thousands of customers who have already benefitted from our seat covers.