University of Warwick

Case Study


When the refurbishment of the medical school at the University of Warwick’s Gibbet Hill campus was put out to tender, Evertaut was contacted by 5 main contractors who were tendering for the works. Each sent us an invitation to tender for the seating in lecture theatre GLT1.

The requirement was for 325 lecture chairs in Camira Xtreme fabric with Formica Fundamentals laminated desks in Summer Oak. Our Diploma lecture chairs met the requirements of the seating specification and we submitted a tender to each of the main contractors for the manufacture, supply and installation of these.

Shaylor was awarded the contract for the works and chose Evertaut as their preferred seating supplier. Shaylor provided us with a schedule of works to be adhered to and following receipt of this our first step was to visit the site to conduct a survey. By this point the old seats had all been removed from the lecture theatre.

Site Survey

A senior member of the Evertaut team met with key members of the Shaylor project team and the architect. We measured the space in preparation for producing a floor plan and to determine the required dimensions of the treads and risers.

We were advised that the projection box at the back of the room (pictured below right) was going to be removed and that a row of lecture chairs would need to fill the space where it currently stood. These would be on a raised level from the chairs below and so modesty panels would be required in front of this row of seats as well as on the front row. For safety reasons, we advised that side barriers would also be required at either end of this row due to the drop in the floor.

Lecture theatre in a university with scaffolding during early stages of refurbishment

At this meeting we had discussions with the architect and contractor about the proposed new tiered floor structure they planned to install. We offered advice on the most appropriate materials to use to ensure the tiered floor was of suitable structure to support our seating and ensure a robust installation.

Projection box in university lecture theatre stripped back to brickwork ready for removal during refurbishment

It was also discussed that acoustic panels were to be fitted to the walls and the dimensions taken for our floor plan needed to be adjusted to allow for this. In order to fit the required quantity of 325 seats it was agreed that the seats in both side blocks would be made smaller than those in the central block.

As data sockets were going to be incorporated into the desks we discussed the mechanics of doing this and agreed that the wiring would run under the floor and come up through a hole in the base plate of the chairs. It would then run up inside the chair leg and under the desk to the socket. This meant that holes would need to be machined into a quantity of the chair base plates and the seating plan would need to indicate where each chair with a drilled hole should be fitted in line with where the sockets would be located.

Seating Plan

Following the meeting Evertaut prepared a seating plan in line with the measurements taken during the survey and the other specific requirements discussed.

4 green fabric swatches from Camira Xtreme fabric range

A colour scheme for the seating was later agreed with a combination of 4 fabric colours being chosen – Costa, Twister, Campeche and Apple. The architect specified the quantity of chairs to be upholstered in each colour and that they were to be fitted in a random pattern. We were asked to plan this out and updated the seating plan to reflect our proposed design.

Drawing of seating plan showing position of different coloured seats in university lecture theatre
Side elevation seating plan for university lecture theatre

Our final drawings were submitted to Shaylor for approval and following this all the necessary materials were ordered in a timely manor for delivery in line with the required production schedule. We then remained in constant contact with Shaylor and the architect regarding the progress of the construction in case any delays or changes impacted our plans.


325 Diploma lecture theatre chairs were manufactured with tread widths and riser heights tailored to the requirements identified in the site survey. 175 chairs to be positioned in the central block of the lecture theatre were made with 490mm centres whilst a total of 150 chairs for the side panels were made with 460mm centres. Holes were drilled in the metalwork as required to accommodate the wiring. Holes were also machined into the desks ready for the sockets to be fitted by the contractor’s electrician.


Whilst production was underway our Health & Safety Manager carried out a risk assessment and issued RAMS to the installation team and the contractor so it could be agreed how the work would be undertaken in a safe and timely manner.

Once the seating was manufactured and it was confirmed when the site would be ready for our installation team to commence works, everything was in place to ensure work remained on schedule.

Once on site our installation team checked the final drawings with the contractor to ensure everything matched their expectations. As all was in order our installation team marked out the floor in line with the drawings and began the installation process.

The finished lecture theatre with Diploma seats in shades of green and grey had a striking impact and all parties were extremely pleased with the end result.

Before and after lecture theatre side 1

Above: Before and after new seating installation in the left hand block of the lecture theatre.

Below: The modesty panel on the back row is positioned where the front wall of the projection room once stood. The desks incorporate plug sockets and the holes to accommodate these were machined into the desks prior to installation.

Lecture theatre at Warwick university

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