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17 Sep, 2020

All Evertaut lecture seating can be customised to fit your teaching spaces and to match your chosen style and finish. Whether you have a large lecture theatre with thousands of seats or a small classroom with only 30, fixed lecture seating offers a robust yet comfortable solution to facilitate student learning.

Here we take a look at examples of the lecture seat models we can offer and the different styling choices that have helped create a unique look in university and higher education establishments across the UK.


Lecture Seating Tailored to Your Requirements

From the space saving Diploma to the luxury Aspire Conference Deluxe, with a range of options and finishes to choose from, your lecture seats can be tailored to your requirements.

Seat backs can be manufactured to a standard height or made taller to line up with the desktop behind whilst seat widths can be varied dependent on the available space in each row.

Seats and backs can be fully upholstered or fitted with under-seat and back boards, available in a range of finishes from light polished beech to black paint. These options in conjunction with a varied selection of fabrics and colours means seats can be customised to create a look and style that’s individual to your establishment.

Below you can see how the same seat types can be made to look unique with different fabrics, finishes and features.


Diploma Lecture Seating

Evertaut Diploma lecture seating shown with different colours and finishes in 3 university lecture theatres

Diploma Lecture Seating is an ideal solution for large lecture theatres or those where space is at a premium. Above left, beech under-seat boards help prevent wear and tear on upholstery fabric as students brush past seats when walking along aisles. The light beech colour contrasts with the deep purple fabric to brighten the overall look of the seating installation.

Above centre, varying shades of green and grey seats are fitted in a random pattern, accompanied by grey desktops and front row modesty panels. The designers created an additional pop of colour with the bright green rear wall which co-ordinates with the green seats and ties the whole look together.

Above right, bright orange seats make a bold statement in this smaller lecture room. The Diploma lecture seats installed here include individual folding writing desks which provide optimum workspace for students which can also be folded out of the way when not required.


Aspire Lecture Seating

Evertaut Aspire lecture seating shown with different colours and finishes in 3 university lecture theatres

The Aspire is a plusher seat than the Diploma, featuring arms which help increase personal space (when social distancing isn’t required) and comfort. The seating installations pictured above once again demonstrate how vastly different the same design seat can be made to look.

Above left the fresh blue fabric and matching carpet is broken up by the light beech under-seat boards, seat backs and desks. These light and airy colours help give this lecture room a fresh yet calming ambience. In contrast, above centre, alternating rows of deep purple and red seats combine with fuschia pink walls to make for a very vivid coloured learning space. Finally, a more business-like look was created in the lecture theatre picture above right. Here lecture seats are upholstered in black vinyl and accompanied by walnut effect desks which portrays a much more serious and studious image.


Aspire Conference Seating

Aspire Conference Seating

Aspire Conference Seating is available in a standard and Deluxe model. The Deluxe version pictured above centre and right features a higher back for improved comfort. Both models incorporate an anti-panic writing tablet which folds away into the seat arm when not required. This makes these lecture seats ideal for multi-purpose spaces which may be used as both a performance theatre and a teaching/conference room. ‘Anti-panic’ refers to a safety feature which allows quick exit from the seat in case of an emergency. If a person is seated with the writing tablet in position and proceeds to stand up in a ‘panic’ situation such as a fire alarm, the writing tablet will immediately flip back into the arm, preventing an obstruction which could delay exit.

The conference room pictured above left uses neutral colours to create a simple, classic look with an installation of Aspire Conference seating. Above centre, the Aspire Conference Deluxe is shown fully upholstered in purple fabric in a university lecture theatre and above right, the same design seats are shown upholstered in white vinyl with black under-seat boards in a training centre.

You can also see in these examples how different back styles can look. All of our lecture seating can be manufactured with plain backs or with stitch detailing. It’s also possible to customise with button backs, as shown on the Diploma seats below.

Evertaut Diploma lecture seating shown with a plain seat back and 2 different options of design detailing in seat backs


Removable Lecture Seating & Portable Desks

Although our lecture seating is all floor fixed, we can manufacture banks of removable seats and portable desks so you can create additional space for wheelchair users when required. If you prefer to have a permanent space available that is always left accessible without the need to remove seats, then you may just wish to have the desks.

Portable desks are designed to be used on the front row of a lecture theatre and match the fixed desks with modesty panels on the front. The only difference being they are fitted with castors rather than fixed to the floor. If your wheelchair spaces are going to be on the back row where lecture theatres are accessed from the top tier, then the standard fixed desk can be used. In this case you can also have a bank of removable seats fitted or simply leave sufficient space without any seats fitted.

Evertaut Diploma lecture seating installations in university lecture theatres with portable desks on front rows which can be moved to allow access for wheelchair users


The small lecture room above left has 2 portable desks on the front row. These can either be used by students sitting in the Diploma lecture seats behind them, or they can be moved forward giving access to wheelchair users without the need to remove any seats. Above right you can see the same type of portable desk but only the padded seat backs (without seats) are fitted behind it. In the latter example the portable desk has been made to the same depth as the fixed desk it stands next to whereas above left the portable desks have been made deeper.


Robust, Durable & Comfortable

All Evertaut seating is designed to be robust, durable and comfortable, providing years of service in the most demanding environments. These examples give a small insight into how our lecture seating can be customised to create the vision proposed by designers and specifiers and to meet the needs of students and the subjects being taught.

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Social Distancing Aids for Lecture Seating

During the current COVID-19 climate, we can also now offer Social Distancing Seat Covers and Seat Caps, tailored to fit any of our lecture seating. These can be dye sublimation printed in any colour of your choice with any wording or logo.

Diploma lecture seating with social distancing seat wrap attached to highlight seat is out of use