Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Seating Upholstery

Evertaut News

27 May, 2020

Our fabric supplier, Camira has put together a very useful guide on cleaning and disinfecting contract fabrics in light of the current situation with COVID-19 and the resulting necessity for improved hygiene.

Camira state that so far, evidence suggests that textiles are not seen as a major carrier of the virus as it does not survive as well on soft surfaces, such as fabrics, as it does it on hard surfaces such as plastics, laminates, metal and glass. This is because viruses can get trapped on textiles and therefore have reduced likelihood of spreading.

The company says that whilst textiles might not be the biggest risk factor, you can reduce the risk even further through cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Cleaning vs Disinfection

As Camira also point out, cleaning and disinfection are two distinct processes:

Cleaning: the process of removing dust, dirt and staining from the surface of a fabric or vinyl to maintain its appearance and prolong its life.

Disinfection: intended to kill germs – micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi – which can cause infection and spread disease.

Close up of seating disinfectant being sprayed through trigger bottle


In response to the pandemic, the fabric manufacturer has extended its long-standing cleaning and maintenance guidance to include a wider range of disinfection methods across different fibre and material types. Fabrics should be cleaned first and then disinfected by using an appropriate method. The updated guidance includes a cleaning and disinfection matrix detailing what methods can be used on each different fabric type.

At Evertaut we use a range of Camria fabrics on our office and auditorium seating with Mainline Plus consistently being the most popular, regularly specified by architects and end users across a range of commercial applications.

Please click here to read the full article on Camira’s website.

Please click here to read Camira’s guide to cleaning and disinfecting its contract fabrics.