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How Personalisation Can Help Your Stadium Seating Stand Out From the Crowd

Evertaut News

24 Jul, 2019

These days luxury stadium seating can be found in football clubs across all divisions. Whilst there’s obviously a higher prevalence of it in the Premier League, many lower league clubs have also upgraded their Directors’ seating areas to offer a touch of luxury to their executives on match days.

Unlike the standard plastic seats which furnish the majority of spectator areas, luxury stadium seats are deeply cushioned and upholstered. From basic models similar in design to plastic seats to high back luxurious styles with heated seats and data connectivity, there are now a range of luxury options on the market.

Whilst clubs can choose vinyl upholstery to match their colours, the way to truly personalise luxury seating is to have the club’s crest or logo embroidered on seat backs. This optional branding creates a truly unique look and really makes the seating stand out from the crowd.

Whether a basic logo in a single colour or an intricate crest in multiple colours, branding is an inexpensive way to enhance the premium look and make executive areas feel really exclusive.

Luxury stadium seating with embroidered club crest t Newcastle United FC
Luxury stadium seating with embroidered club logo at Bristol Rovers FC

Above left, Newcastle United’s intricate crest adds to the exclusivity outside the Directors’ boxes at the club.

Above right, job titles of the club Chairman and President are embroidered above the crest on the seats in the executive seating area at Bristol Rovers Football Club.


How sponsor’s branding can work on luxury stadium seating

Some clubs also choose to use their luxury stadium seating as part of their sponsorship options. A sponsor’s logo can appear on the seats under the club logo or instead of it, or for something less permanent, removable seat covers are an alternative option. These are ideal where sponsors may change over time, or where certain logos need to be covered or removed when matches are televised.

Removable covers on luxury stadium seating
Luxury stadium seating with embroidered club logo and sponsors name at Flint Town United FC

Above left, sponsor’s logos were screen printed on removable covers at this club where they had to be removed for televised matches.

Above right, the sponsor’s name was embroidered under the club logo on this row of premium seats at Flint Town United.


Luxury stadium seating isn’t just for watching the match

Luxury stadium seats can also be used in other areas of the club and are not just restricted to the stadium. Some clubs have them fitted within their training facilities, press rooms, board rooms and changing rooms. Other organisations have also used luxury stadium seats to create a football themed area or for football related promotions.

Luxury stadium seating in training facility at Swansea City AFC
Branding on luxury stadium seating used for brand promotion

Above left, Evertaut’s Olympian luxury stadium seats were installed in the new training facility at Swansea City AFC. The club’s single colour logo looks striking in white embroidery against the black seats.

Above right, a promotional company commissioned Carling branded luxury stadium seating for a football themed lager promotion in pubs across the UK.


Branding is a cost effective way to enhance exclusivity

Whilst branding gives luxury seating an even more exclusive and premium look, it is surprisingly cost effective. There is usually a one-off set up charge and then a cost per seat dependent on the number of colours in the logo and the size it is to be recreated at.

The logo embroidery process

  • supply your logo as a jpg or equivalent file type
  • A digital mock-up of the embroidery will be supplied for approval
  • Upholstery material will be cut for the chosen seat and logo position marked up
  • Logo will be embroidered onto upholstery material
  • Chair will be manufactured and upholstered with the material

Whether you want just a few seats for your club executives or a whole stand full, the option of branding is an important consideration and can really elevate the look and feel of your premium seating areas.

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