Premium Stadium Seating Options

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27 Feb, 2020

Upholstered stadium seating has become a standard fixture in Premier League football clubs as they continue to increase premium fan zones and expand VIP areas. Whilst many leading clubs now have thousands of this type of luxury seating, many Championship and lower league clubs are also getting in on the action as they add smaller sections of premium seats for club executives and spectators.

This type of seating offers clubs the opportunity to increase revenue by providing an upgraded match day experience to fans, making it a realistic proposition for more clubs across all leagues than ever before. Premium stadium seats can ultimately provide a good return on investment whilst also upgrading the facilities on offer.

Whatever league your club is in; whether you want a few seats for the board or hundreds of seats to fill a stand, there are options to suit a range of budgets and requirements.


Entry level luxury stadium seating

For clubs with a small budget or where capacity needs to be maintained, compact seating such as Evertaut’s Club chair is an entry level luxury seat with deep cushioning. It can be riser mounted or floor fixed and either option is available with or without arms.

Riser mounted and floor fixed versions of Evertaut’s Club premium stadium seating and an installation at Southport FC


This style of stadium seating is very similar in size and shape to traditional plastic seats but with the benefit of a significant increase in comfort and style. If you need a luxury seat that is comfortable and space efficient then this design is an ideal solution.

If it’s not feasible to replace your plastic seating, an alternative is to find a supplier who can custom make fitted seat covers with integral cushioning.


Mid-range luxury stadium seating

If you want something bigger than a standard size stadium seat, then a chair like Evertaut’s VIP is a good choice. This comes with arms as standard and offers a wider and deeper seat and a higher back. This more premium seat also offers the very handy option of cup holders.

Opting for a chair this size not only allows you to increase the comfort provided by the deeply cushioned seat and supportive back rest but also visually enhances the perception of luxury you are providing.

Evertaut’s VIP premium stadium seating shown in black and turquoise alongside an installation in a stadium upholstered in blue vinyl with cup holders


Premium style and quality

If you want your stadium seating to really stand out from the crowd then you can take luxury to the next level with a full height back, offering the home comforts of an armchair in the football stadium. When you get to this standard of seating, you will find options such as user controlled heated seats and backs, allowing you to offer a super-premium experience to your executives and fans.

Evertaut’s Olympian stadium seating falls into this category and is a popular choice with Premier League clubs across the UK.

Evertaut’s Olympian premium stadium seating shown upholstered in blue and black vinyl alongside an installation in a stadium upholstered in red


Feature your club branding on seat backs

Most styles of upholstered stadium seating can be manufactured with your club’s logo, crest or design embroidered on seat backs. This gives an additional opportunity to project your brand within the stadium whilst also enhancing the quality image the seating portrays.

Branding can also be used as a means to fund your new seats with some clubs featuring sponsors’ logos as well as their own. You can also opt to have names, job titles or any other message featured on the seat backs.

Removable seat back covers can be used to change the branding featured or to cover it up if required when matches are televised.

Embroidered club branding on Evertaut’s range of premium stadium seating alongside an installation at Bristol Rovers FC with club branding on seat backs


A key distinguishing factor between standard and premium stadium seating is the upholstery. Premium seating is deeply cushioned with thick foam and upholstered in high quality, UV-resistant vinyl. Due to its composition, most luxury stadium seating is weather-resistant rather than completely weather-proof, so it needs to be fitted in a covered stand rather than one that is completely open to the elements.

There is a very wide range of vinyl on the market in an array of colours so you should be able to find one that matches your club colours. If you want to colour match precisely then it’s also possible to get special colours made, using the RAL colour matching system. This will usually be subject to a minimum order quantity.

Swatch card showing vinyl colours for premium stadium seating and a RAL swatch card showing the vast range of colours available for colour matching



Luxury stadium seating should be supported by a strong and sturdy steel frame and it is essential this is galvanised to prevent rusting. It can be riser mounted or floor fixed, dependent on the configuration of your terraces.


Additional Options

Seat numbers, row letters, cup holders, heating elements, USB sockets, integral screens – these are all things you might want incorporated into your stadium seating and it will differ by supplier as to what is available. At Evertaut we try to accommodate any requests we can and if you want something we can’t offer then we will try to find a solution for you.

Range of optional extras available with premium stadium seating, including cup holders, seat numbers, heated seats and branding


Expanding the match day theme

Premium stadium seats can also fit into other areas of your club, away from the terraces and executive boxes.

From training rooms to changing rooms, you can use premium stadium seating to carry the match day theme right throughout your club. For Premier League clubs, it’s also popular in press rooms and conference spaces but it could also be fitted in any reception and waiting areas.


The future of premium stadium seating

In contrast to premium stadium seating, some clubs are starting to introduce safe standing zones with specialist standing rail seats. Whilst premium stadium seating is at the opposite end of the spectrum, its popularity is growing all the time and at Evertaut we have seen the number of enquiries for upholstered stadium seating continue to increase year on year.

As clubs are always looking for ways to enhance their offering and create unique experiences for fans, it’s predicted that premium seating will become more commonplace in football stadiums across the UK in clubs at all levels.


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