Using Auditorium Seats as Waiting Room Chairs

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30 Nov, 2020

From corporate offices to beauty salons, there are many impressive looking waiting rooms which are designed to both make clients feel welcome and create a good first impression. At the other end of the scale there are also many waiting rooms that are dull and uninspiring spaces.

As the gateway to your organisation, your waiting room or reception area is often where clients and visitors form their first impressions of your business so it’s important it projects a positive image. If you are regularly visited by existing or potential clients, it makes sense to ensure the areas they will see like your reception/waiting area and boardroom are maintained to a standard that reflects the ethos of your business.

When it comes to revamping your waiting room, it’s a good idea to first look at it as a visitor would. Follow the same journey they would do to access your waiting room and take a seat in one of your waiting room chairs. Look around and assess everything as you go – how do the décor, furnishings and lighting make you feel? Is the seating comfortable to sit in and does the layout work? Think about what improvements could be made and where, taking all of these different elements into account.

It may just need a lick of paint and some new accessories to brighten it up, or you may decide it’s time to invest in some new waiting room chairs.

Auditorium Style Waiting Room Chairs

Whilst there are a vast range of waiting room chairs on the market, you may not have considered auditorium style seating as an option but it can work very well for this purpose and offers several benefits that you don’t get with more traditional styles of waiting room chairs.

First of all, auditorium seats are designed to be floor-fixed; this means the layout of the space will always look tidy as patrons will be unable to move them around.

Auditorium chairs also generally feature a flip-up seat – this is great in waiting rooms where space is at a premium as it helps widen walkways when seats are not in use and opens up the floor area making it look more spacious. This works particularly well in corridors or narrow spaces.

Hospital corridor with auditorium style waiting room chairs


In the hospital corridor pictured right, our Orion auditorium seating was adapted to create the Bradford Beam. Whilst you would normally find this style of seating in a theatre upholstered in red velvet fabric, here you can see how it has been re-purposed to create a totally different look, upholstered in anti-microbial vinyl in three different shades of blue and finished with polished wooden arms and end panels. This scheme won a prestigious design award.

If you like this style of seating but prefer seats to be fixed rather than flip-up, most auditorium seats can be manufactured to either stay down unless they are manually tipped or to remain fixed in position.

Evertaut Olympian auditorium seating used as waiting room chairs


Auditorium style waiting room chairs can also be used to create a unique look in corporate office waiting rooms. Pictured left, our Olympian stadium seating was used by a company who developed an app for football fans. They wanted to create a football matchday experience in their reception area and opted to use a range of vinyl colours to avoid affiliation with any one team. The seats were installed on top of artificial turf with a mini floodlight positioned in the corner. This company chose to have the name of their app embroidered on seat backs in white thread to co-ordinate with all the different seat colours.

Logo embroidery not only offers a great branding opportunity but can also help create a premium image in your waiting room. Anything from simple wording to a detailed crest can be embroidered on seat backs to give a truly unique look.

Pictured below are a selection of auditorium seats which can be adapted for use as waiting room chairs. These can be fixed in rows or installed as individual seats. From barbers shops and beauty salons to offices and healthcare establishments, the fabric and finish chosen can make any of these seats suitable for a range of different environments.

Range of auditorium seats which can be adapted for use as waiting room chairs


We understand that this year you may have been restricting the number of visitors in your waiting room due to COVID-19, or it may have been out of use altogether. However, if you want to make improvements to your waiting room ready for when visitors are able to safely return, it doesn’t take too much effort to make a striking transformation, particularly if you only have a small space. If you are looking at sourcing new seating then you may wish to consider auditorium style seating as an option.

Social Distancing Solutions for Waiting Room Chairs

Waiting rooms are often high traffic spaces but in 2020 many will have sat unoccupied as visitors to various establishments have had to wait outdoors or not visit at all. Those waiting rooms that are still being used will have had to reduce the number of waiting room chairs to allow for social distancing or mark some seats as out of use to prevent patrons from sitting too close together.

Where seats cannot be moved, social distancing aids such as Evertaut’s Seat Covers and Seat Caps are useful solutions that can help facilitate social distancing. For those establishments looking for more permanent social distancing solutions, individual floor fixing chairs can be installed 2 metres apart and then cannot be moved around. Additional chairs can be fitted in between where required in the future.

Social distancing waiting room chairs


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