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Club Branding Takes Stadium Seating into the Premier League

Evertaut News

23 Jun, 2020

Although Premiership football has now resumed following a 100 day break due to the Coronavirus pandemic, clubs and fans in other leagues have had to face the season being cut short. One thing all clubs have in common however, is that their stadiums remain empty. Whilst Premier League matches are now being played, they do so behind closed doors.

As we look forward to a time when all clubs can open their gates to fans once again, we take a look at stadium seating and how football clubs across the UK have used their branding to differentiate VIP areas and enhance exclusivity.


Upholstered stadium seating has been helping to provide a premium matchday experience in executive boxes and VIP areas of football stadia for many years. It provides a significant upgrade in terms of comfort and style compared to the basic plastic chairs that still dominate the majority of the stands.

Originally just a luxury for Premiership clubs, in recent years clubs at all levels have been investing in more high end seating for their club executives and in some cases, creating premium seating zones where fans can pay for an upgrade to enjoy the game in better comfort.

In comparison to traditional plastics seats, upholstered stadium seating looks significantly more robust, hard-wearing and high quality. Deeply cushioned seats, higher backs and the addition of arms clearly differentiate it from its hard-plastic alternative, but another way clubs can make their VIP seating stand out is with their branding.

With a limited number of seating designs on the market, branding not only helps clubs give their seating a totally unique look, it elevates it to a whole new level of premium. Below we take a look at some examples of how football clubs have used branding as a way to enhance the look and feel of the VIP areas within their stadia.

Southport FC

When Southport FC upgraded their entire stadium, the plastic seats reserved for club executives and VIPs was replaced with upholstered stadium seating with the club’s crest embroidered on seat backs. These new seats upholstered in black vinyl take centre stage in the middle of the stand whilst the remainder of the plastic seats were replaced with new black and yellow ones to match the club colours.

The club used two different styles of upholstered stadium seating to differentiate two sections in the premium zone.

Stand at Southport FC with upholstered stadium seating with club branding

Bristol Rovers FC

When Bristol Rovers’ new owner wanted to upgrade the stadium seating outside the Chairman’s Suite, the club chose to have their crest embroidered on the backs of the new upholstered seats. The Chairman and President also had their own seats reserved with their job titles embroidered above the crest.

Close up of branded upholstered stadium seating at Bristol Rovers

Newcastle United FC

Newcastle United FC have upholstered stadium seating within all their Directors’ boxes and the club’s detailed crest design is beautifully embroidered on the seat backs. There’s no doubt that this adds to the executive look in these VIP areas and helps create an exclusive and super-premium feel.

Branded upholstered stadium seating outside Director's box at Newcastle Utd

Swansea City FC

Swansea City FC had upholstered seating installed in their new training facility where the tiered floor was carpeted with astro-turf to bring the stadium theme indoors. The club’s single colour white logo looks striking against the black seats.

Branded upholstered stadium seating in training facility at Swansea FC

Branding also offers sponsorship opportunities

Branding can also be used to promote club sponsors and generate increased revenue for clubs. For smaller clubs who don’t have premier league budgets, working with a sponsor can be the ideal way to fund an installation of luxury stadium seating.

Flint Town United had a single row of executive stadium seats, pictured below left, installed at the back of their stand. The name of their sponsor was embroidered beneath the logo with the wording ‘In association with…’ before it.

Below right, this sponsor’s name was printed on removable seat-back covers so they could be removed for televised matches when they were not allowed to be promoted. This is also a good solution where sponsors may change from season to season or where you don’t want them permanently featured on your seats.

Row of branded upholstered stadium seating at Flint Town Utd FC
Row of upholstered stadium seating with branded removable covers

Product Promotions

Some well-known brands have had their logo embroidered on upholstered stadium seating which has then been used as part of football themed product promotions in pubs and other external venues. It has also been used by other organisations in the sports industry to create a stadium feel in offices and meeting rooms.

Range of branded upholstered stadium seating used in non-stadium settings

Creating an embroidered logo

In order to have your club logo or crest embroidered on seat backs, you will need to provide it in a digital format to your supplier. For job titles or simple wording, you only need to state what font you would like to be used and what text is required. The embroiderers will select cotton to match the colours in your logo but if there are very specific shades you require then it is advisable to specify a pantone reference for them to match to. The company that designed your logo will be able to advise you of the pantone colours used if you don’t have this information readily available.


Evertaut Stadium Seating

Evertaut designs, manufactures and installs upholstered stadium seating and has worked with football clubs and other brands across the UK. Many of our Premier League clients return to us year after year as they continue to expand their areas of executive stadium seating. We have also worked with clubs right across other leagues and can supply any quantity of seats required whether it be for an entire stand or a single row.

Our embroiderers can recreate your logo, crest or message in any number of colours and will provide a proof for your approval prior to duplicating the embroidery on all your seating material.

To make an enquiry about branded, upholstered stadium seating, please complete and submit the short form below. During these unprecedented times we can provide you with a budget quotation without needing to visit your stadium.