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Facilitating Social Distancing in Venues with Fixed Seats

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2 Jul, 2020

As the UK starts to emerge from lockdown and more businesses begin to re-open, venue managers and business owners are obviously having to follow strict guidelines to protect their staff and customers. A key factor in this is to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times which in itself poses many challenges.

Although the majority of the general public will willingly adhere to guidelines to safeguard themselves and others they may come into contact with, there will always be a minority with a carefree attitude who chose not to comply. Social distancing props and notices are therefore important in both reminding people of the rules and directing them to follow them.

Whilst most bars and restaurants will be able to remove some seats or space them out, in establishments with an auditorium full of fixed seats, this isn’t an option. Although not all of these venues are open just yet, many are currently making preparations so they are ready for re-opening as soon as it is permitted.

Auditoriums can be found in a wide range of establishments from cinemas and theatres to university lecture theatres and business conference centres as well as amusement parks and sporting facilities. If you’re responsible for a venue with an auditorium or any other establishment with rows of fixed seats, Evertaut can now offer two new products to help facilitate social distancing within these spaces.

Social Distancing Seat Covers and Seat Caps are flexible solutions that can quickly and easily be fitted and removed so you can adapt your seating configuration as required. Made from antimicrobial fabric, they can be manufactured in any colour of your choice and printed with any wording or design, also in any colour.

Social Distancing Seat Caps

Depending on the size of your seats, Social Distancing Seat Caps (pictured immediate right) can either stretch over both the seat and back (when the seats are in the folded up position), or just sit on the seat back. With stretch elastic on either side, they are suitable for use on a range of seat sizes.

Social Distancing Seat Covers

Social Distancing Seat Covers (pictured far right) wrap around the entire seat, preventing patrons from being able to sit on them. Complete with Velcro fastening, they are easy to fix into position and quick to remove when you need to reconfigure the layout of accessible seats.

Evertaut Social Distancing Seat Cover on Ambassador Auditorium SeatEvertaut Social Distancing Seat Cap on Ambassador Auditorium Seat

Whatever type of establishment you operate, if you have fixed seating which will be available for the public to use then you may need to take steps to ensure that people who are not from the same household or ‘bubble’ don’t sit in adjoining seats. Seat Covers and Seat Caps have been designed to help businesses facilitate this.

For more information on either of these products, please click here to access the individual product pages where you can also download a product information sheet.

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