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11 Mar, 2021

What is Executive Stadium Seating?

Executive stadium seating is a premium type of stadium seating with deep cushioned seats and vinyl upholstery. It is usually found in club executives’ seating areas and in Directors’ boxes and is also used by clubs to create exclusive spectator zones.

There are various models on the market in both compact and spacious designs which can incorporate options such as cup holders and seat heating elements. Many clubs also opt to have their logo or crest embroidered on seat backs which elevates the premium look and feel and adds to the exclusivity.

Evertaut's range of executive stadium seating

Why Invest in Executive Stadium Seating?

Executive stadium seating helps differentiate premium areas and offers clubs the opportunity to generate additional revenue. It enhances the matchday experience by providing users with a level of comfort and luxury that a standard plastic stadium seat cannot provide.

Evertaut’s Range of Executive Stadium Seating

Evertaut offers a range of 3 different executive stadium seats which are all deeply cushioned and upholstered in antimicrobial, UV-resistant vinyl. From the entry level Club to the luxury Olympian, the seats are designed to suit a range of budgets making them accessible to clubs across the leagues.


The compact Club takes the styling of the traditional plastic stadium seat and makes it a luxury option with thick cushioned seat, padded back, and the option of arms. It can be floor-fixed or riser mounted. The Club is ideal where you want a luxury seat but do not want to lose capacity.

An installation of Evertaut’s Club executive stadium seating and separate close-up images of individual Club seats



The mid-range VIP stadium seat is a very popular choice and like the Olympian, is frequently used in Executive areas and Directors’ boxes. This seat is supplied as standard with arms which can be fitted with cup holders if required.

Individual images of Evertaut’s VIP executive stadium seating and an installation of the seating in a football stadium



As the premier seat in our range, the spacious Olympian features a high back and deeply cushioned seat which can be manufactured with integral heating elements, controlled by a button in the arm.  Cup holders can also be fitted.

Some clubs choose to have an installation of more than one seat type with the Olympian often reserved for club executives and directors’ boxes. As the mid-range seat, the VIP is also frequently used in these areas as well as in premium spectator zones whilst the Club is usually more suited to the latter.

An installation of Evertaut’s Olympian executive stadium seating and separate close-up images of individual Olympian seats


Tailor-made Solutions

If you have a bespoke requirement then seats can often be tailored as was done for Flint Town United where we created a hybrid executive stadium chair using the Club seat and VIP back.

Hybrid of Evertaut’s Club and VIP executive stadium seating installed at Flint Town United


Antimicrobial Vinyl

Our range of executive stadium seating is supplied as standard with hard-wearing vinyl upholstery which is anti-microbial and UV-resistant. The vinyl is inherently antimicrobial which means its antimicrobial additives remain active throughout its life and cannot be worn away or wiped off. They work to eliminate viruses and bacteria and have been proven effective against Coronavirus, completely eliminating it after just over one hour of contact.*

Embroidered Logos

As an additional option, embroidered logos really help distinguish executive stadium seats, making them stand out from the crowd. From a simple logo to an intricate crest, our embroiderers can recreate any club logo to uniquely brand any of the seats in our range.

Installations of Evertaut executive stadium seating with clubs’ embroidered logos on seat backs


Social Distancing Solutions

As Clubs prepare to allow fans back into stadiums at reduced capacity, there is still going to be a requirement for social distancing. In response to this, Evertaut can now supply Social Distancing Seat Covers, manufactured from antimicrobial fabric and fully branded in your club colours with any logo, design or text at no additional cost. These are tailor-made to fit your seats and are a very cost-effective and more robust alternative to signs and stickers. They can quickly and easily be fitted, removed and reconfigured without damaging seats.

Social distancing executive stadium seats


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