Fixed Seating Options for Waiting Rooms

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7 Apr, 2021

Whilst there are a vast range of loose waiting room chairs on the market, beam seating offers an alternative solution that can be floor fixed. The benefit of this type of fixed seating is that it will always remain in its exact location; patrons will be unable to move it around, keeping walkways clear and preventing the need for staff to re-organise it throughout the day.

Beam seating is also popular due to the number of options and configurations available which allows specifiers to create a unique seating scheme tailored to the designated space. Individual beams can usually be manufactured with between 2 and 5 seat places whilst tables can replace any seat position. Longer rows of seats can be made by positioning beams side by side.

In the doctor’s surgery waiting room pictured below, 3-seat Dual Beams are fixed side by side to create longer, continuous rows of seats. In the far corner an integral table fills what would otherwise be dead space.

Doctor’s surgery waiting room with rows of fixed seating

Fixed Seating Finishes

As well as an extensive combination of potential layout options, fixed beam seating is available in a variety of finishes including plastic, wood and metal. Certain models can also be manufactured with padded, upholstered seats and backs to improve comfort for patrons (as can also be seen above). Others are available with the option of fixed or flip-up seats. The latter is beneficial in smaller waiting rooms, areas where space is at a premium, and for fixed seating located in corridors. Pictured below are various beam seating designs with seats and backs manufactured from plastic, wood and metal.

Range of fixed beam seating in plastic, wood and metal finishes

Fixed Seating is suitable for a variety of establishments

Fixed waiting room seating is often found in hospitals, medical and dental surgeries and veterinary practices. If upholstered seats are specified for these locations, anti-microbial vinyl is the recommended cover material. This is commonly used in the healthcare sector as it contains additives which work to kill bacteria and viruses on initial contact. These additives are inherent within the material and remain active throughout its life, regardless of any cleaning it is subjected to.

Given the current COVID situation, anti-microbial vinyl is also becoming more popular in other sectors. Aside from its anti-microbial benefit, vinyl is often more suitable than fabric in all types of waiting rooms as it is generally much easier to keep clean.

The Bradford Beam fixed seating in the hospital seen here incorporates flip-up seats and features a cushioned seat and back, upholstered in antimicrobial vinyl. The use of different shades of blue vinyl across the 3 seats helps create a unique and more interesting look.

Fixed seating is also suitable for use in a range of other types of premises such as beauty salons, barber’s shops, and anywhere customers or patrons are required to wait.

Fixed seating in a hospital corridor waiting area

Social Distancing Fixed Seating

Although social distancing is currently a consideration in waiting rooms, establishments with beam seating can block out certain seats to prevent patrons sitting too close together. For those looking for individual chairs to be spaced out, it is possible to source a single seat version of certain types of beam seating.

In response to consumer demand, Evertaut has adapted its Sentinel fixed beam seating to create a single floor-fixing chair for this purpose. These can be positioned at 2 metre intervals (or whatever distance may be required) to allow for social distancing. In a future time when social distancing may no longer be required, additional seats can be fitted within the spaces between them, if required.

Range of individual floor fixing chairs

DDA Fixed Seating

An alternative solution to individual beam seats are Evertaut’s DDA floor fixed seats which were originally designed to help organisations comply with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (which has since been replaced by the Equality Act). These flip-up seats are used in a wide range of establishments from shops to theatres and are provided in areas where patrons may require to rest for short periods. This type of seating is also suitable for use in waiting rooms and can be fitted in linked rows as well as supplied as individual seats.

DDA floor fixed seats

Tailored Fixed Seating Solutions

As fixed seating can be tailored to the requirements of each venue, a variety of looks and styles can be created with different fabrics, finishes and layouts. Whether you want to furnish a doctor’s surgery, beauty salon or corporate office waiting room there is a fixed seating solution available.

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Range of fixed seating in different waiting room settings