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Give Your Fans a VIP Upgrade With Upholstered Stadium Seats

Evertaut News

24 Oct, 2019

In recent years we have seen many football stadiums evolve into super stadiums with state-of-the-art facilities offering a premium spectator experience. A key fixture in all of these football clubs are the stadium seats, many of which now offer supreme levels of comfort.

Upholstered stadium seats have been around for quite a while now, originally being introduced by clubs in the Premier League to seat club executives and guests in VIP boxes. However, as these seats have become more commonplace, clubs across all divisions are getting in on the action by commissioning VIP seating to offer an upgraded matchday experience to their fans.


The first step up from plastic seats

With a range of styles and designs now on the market, premium stadium seats are more affordable than many clubs may think. Evertaut’s entry level Club chair is a compact and space efficient seat which is an ideal replacement for traditional plastic seats. For clubs who don’t want to lose capacity but want to offer a more comfortable seating solution, this type of seat is ideal.

As one of the smaller styles of luxury seating, it’s also the most affordable, making it more accessible to lower league clubs who may be restricted in their choice by a smaller budget.

A single Evertaut black Club stadium seat and an installation of blue Club stadium seats in a football stadium

Evertaut’s Club stadium seats are an ideal upgrade from standard plastic seats, offering a touch of luxury at an entry level price


Whilst you might see row after row of luxury seating in a Premier League club, there’s nothing to stop other clubs from purchasing just one or two rows, or even just one or two seats. If you’re going for fewer seats you may want something a bit more premium that looks and feels bigger than a standard size stadium seat.


Theatre style VIP luxury

Evertaut’s VIP seat is the next step up from the Club. This style of seating is more like the type of seat you might see in a theatre, deeply cushioned with a wider and deeper seat and a higher back. Visually this is immediately noticeable as a luxury seat and comfort wise it’s a world away from a hard plastic seat. Combine this with an embroidered logo on the seat back and this elevates the aesthetic even further. These VIP chairs are popular with clubs who want their luxury stadium seats to stand out from the crowd but don’t want to lose too much capacity.

A single black Evertaut VIP stadium seat and an installation of green VIP stadium seats in a football stadium

Evertaut’s VIP stadium seats offer theatre style comfort and luxury to spectators and club executives


The Chairman of luxury, comfort and style

For those looking for something even more premium, Evertaut offers the Olympian. This takes comfort to the next level with a higher, contoured back and even deeper seat. It also comes with the option of heated seat and back pads, controlled by a button in the arm.

Club executives across the UK enjoy watching their team from the comfort of an Olympian seat with the heating element a welcome luxury on cold match days. It’s of course not restricted to the Board with many clubs offering these seats to spectators wanting to upgrade to a premium match day experience.

A single black Evertaut Olympian stadium seat and an installation of red Olympian stadium seats in a football stadium


The Olympian is Evertaut’s most premium luxury stadium seat offering armchair comfort in a stadium setting


Incorporate your club logo or crest for the ultimate in bespoke tailoring

Luxury stadium seats can be tailored to your requirements with UV resistant vinyl in your club colours. Add an embroidered logo and you have a truly unique seat that looks stylish and makes an impact.

Your club logo or crest can be recreated in embroidery, from a simple design in a single colour to an intricate crest in multiple colours. You also have the option to put sponsors’ logos on the seat backs which can be a way to help fund them.

Luxury stadium seating with embroidered club logo at Bristol Rovers FC

If you’re considering enhancing your spectator offering by introducing some premium stadium seats, take a look more closely at our range and request a free, no-obligation quotation. Please complete and submit the short form below to make an enquiry.