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Why Choose Evertaut as Your Auditorium Seating Manufacturer?

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26 Sep, 2019

As there are now so many seating manufacturers across the UK it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a potential supplier. If you’re looking for someone with a proven track record in the industry and vast experience in working on a range of projects then Evertaut could fit the bill.


Who we work with

As a manufacturer and supplier of auditorium seating, Evertaut works with all types of clients from architects and contractors to university estates managers, theatre managers, and local authority purchasing teams.

We work on new build projects as well as the renovation of existing facilities where the seating may need to be replaced or refurbished.

On large projects such as new university buildings our first point of contact is often the architect or Quantity Surveyor who is responsible for specifying the seating, but for smaller renovation projects an architect may not be involved, and so clients will come directly to us.


Our Service

As auditorium seating is a long-term investment many venue managers may not have had to source it before and so look to work with an experienced supplier who can do more than just supply the seats.

As a seating manufacturer, Evertaut provides a complete service from design to installation including free space planning and layout drawings. We can advise on safety regulations with regards to seatways and gangways and ensure your new seating plan complies with all current British Standards.

In addition to seating we also design and manufacture tiered floor structures bespoke for each venue, where required. We can install a new tiered structure onto flat, stepped or raked floors or we can also over-step an existing tiered floor.


Helping you choose the right seats

When sourcing new seats for any type of establishment it’s key to ensure they are robust and comfortable whilst in keeping with the style and image you want to project. Evertaut offers a range of auditorium seats specially designed for lecture theatres and conference centres, theatres and cinemas and sports stadia. They are all suitable for high frequency usage and are designed to be robust and durable whilst also being comfortable and stylish.

You can view our full range of auditorium seating on our website here where you can also download product information brochures and technical specifications to help you decide which seats are right for your establishment.

If required, we can supply a seat sample to potential customers so they can see how it will fit into their venue, compare the size and style to their existing seats and also try it out for comfort.


Tailored seating solutions

All of our seats are made to order so can be tailored to customers’ requirements – auditorium seating can be fully upholstered or incorporate painted or polished outer plywood protection panels. Seat widths can be made wider or narrower whilst there are a range of desk options for lecture theatre seating and optional extras such as cup holders for theatres and cinemas. As an additional service your company logo or crest can be embroidered onto seat backs to really give your seating the wow factor and enhance the image it projects.


UK manufacturing

Since our inception our seats have always been manufactured in our own Lancashire factories using local suppliers where possible. Today we operate from Blackburn where we have a team of skilled craftsmen and women who have developed their skills over many years with us.


A history and future of quality

Evertaut was first established in the 1930’s as a manufacturer of industrial seating for factories and workplaces. Providing good quality seating solutions has always been key to the success of our business and many of our original seats are still in use today having been repurposed by homeowners and businesses sourcing vintage interiors from antiques dealers and auction sites.

Over the years our product range has increased to include a wide range of office, waiting room and break out seating and in the new millennium we diversified into auditorium seating. We’re now established suppliers of auditorium seating to a wide range of organisations across the UK in the education, healthcare, leisure and sports industries.


What our customers say about us

We always go above and beyond to ensure customers are happy with the products and services we provide. You can see some of our work here and read what our customers have to say about us here.

In a recent lecture theatre seating installation, main contractors Midas Group gave us an average performance score of 100%.


Talk to us about your seating project

If you’d like to speak to someone about a seating project then call our team today on 01254 297880. We are available Monday to Thursday between 8.30am and 5pm and Fridays between 8.30am and 12.30pm. Alternatively you can send us an email or complete and submit the short form below.