Give your Stadium Seats the VIP Treatment

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10 Apr, 2023

Standard spectator seats in UK football stadiums are manufactured from plastic, which although durable, hard-wearing and functional, is not particularly comfortable. In contrast, VIP stadium seats whilst also durable and hard-wearing, are deeply cushioned for comfort, upholstered in vinyl, and often feature a club’s logo on seat backs, all of which exudes a look and feel of quality and exclusivity.

VIP stadium seats are a standard fixture in Premier League and Championship football stadia and as clubs in these leagues continue to enhance their facilities, so they keep on adding additional premium seats. Whereas traditionally they have been fitted in executive boxes and VIP areas, in more recent times they have expanded out into spectator areas to create premium fan zones. Many clubs in lower leagues have also started to upgrade the stadium seats provided for their executives and senior management by investing in VIP seats.

With a range of styles on the market, clubs can directly replace plastic seats with compact luxury alternatives or reduce the capacity in a specific area to upgrade to something more spacious and higher quality. Some clubs opt for a variety of different seat designs across different parts of their stadium whilst others choose one design to use in a single area. Below are some examples of luxury stadium seats in-situ.

Southport FC stadium seats

When Southport FC upgraded their stadium (above left), Evertaut’s Club and VIP stadium seats were fitted in the centre of the stand. All of their premium seats were embroidered with the football club’s intricate crest to create a unique personalised design that makes a striking impression. The vast difference between the original standard seats and their premium replacements can be seen in the before and after shots below.

Southport FC before and after stadium seats


Swansea City FC chose Evertaut’s Olympian stadium seats when kitting out their new training facility. These high back luxury seats also look equally at home within this type of setting where combined with astro turf flooring, they help continue the stadium feel.

Swansea City FC training facility stadium seats 650x310 1


Club stadium seats occupy a smaller footprint than many other luxury stadium seats and are an ideal solution for those wanting to upgrade spectator areas without losing capacity, as can be seen here.

Club stadium seats 650x320 1


Rather than have their club crest on seat backs, Southampton FC opted to have their name embroidered which gives a more subtle look. This option is also suitable for clubs who may plan to change their logo at some time in the future.

VIP Stadium Seats Southampton FC 650x488 1


Newcastle United FC have VIP seats fitted in all their Directors’ boxes. Their club crest is a prominent feature on seat backs and elevates the exclusive look.

VIP Stadium Seats Newcastle FC 650x488 1


In order to increase revenue, clubs are always seeking ways to improve the fan experience and VIP stadium seats provide the opportunity to offer more exclusive ticket options at a higher value. In Directors’ boxes and executive areas, they help enhance the exclusivity and provide a more luxury matchday experience. There are also additional options such as cup holders and heated seats which contribute to comfort and convenience.

Premium stadium seats are upholstered in antimicrobial vinyl which is available in a wide range of colours, allowing clubs to choose something which matches their team colours. Badges, crests or messages can be beautifully recreated in embroidery on seat backs. It is also possible to combine text and logos so you can add job titles or sponsor’s names, if required.

Evertaut has manufactured premium stadium seating for clubs across all divisions including a third of all Premier League clubs. For more information or a quotation, please complete and submit the short form below.