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99 problems but your waiting room seating shouldn’t be one…

Evertaut News

19 Sep, 2023

If telling your customers they’re having to wait hasn’t irritated them, then a seat in a waiting room chair that’s also uncomfortable certainly will.

Waiting in the waiting room is something we’re all used to and have come to expect. Whether it’s a trip to the dentist, doctors, hospitals or at the station, you’re sure to find someone waiting and more often than not, someone waiting (without a seat) longing for a comfortable seat to sit in. 

Rewind to the COVID-19 lockdown, online shopping sales soared and along with it so did our expectations for things to happen quickly. After all, if our Amazon deliveries can appear so fast then why can’t a prescription? Right? Wrong… some things just can’t be rushed. Healthcare and patient focused places are most certainly in that category. These venues require space saving seating that is comfortable and hard wearing, substantial enough to endure the heavy traffic it experiences on a daily basis but aesthetic and pleasant enough for people to want to sit and wait without disruption. 

Evertaut manufacture a range of waiting room seating suitable for all person centred environments. As a trusted name in seating for almost a century, we understand the demands of a waiting room environment and this knowledge and expertise goes into the design, manufacture and installation of everything we produce. 

Seating in patient areas varies wildly in design from a seat in the home. When scouring the sofa companies for that perfect chair, it often starts with a search of the internet for inspiration, which might evolve into a Pinterest board or even a visit to your local sofa companies, conveniently packed onto one industrial estate. But whether its inspiration, imagination or on that local industrial estate, sumptuous, spacious and chic are the order of the day. Unlike the perfect waiting room seat you require for that awkward space where nothing seems to work… until now. 

Below is a list of the most common waiting room area quandaries that we hear on a regular basis. Problems that Evertaut is able to solve on time, scope and budget through a variety of different seating solutions but here are just three…


Social distancing waiting room chairs for hospitals

Problem: I need to be able to adapt my seating quickly.

Waiting Area Solution 1) Individual flip up seats that can stand alone as individual chairs or be connected together to create banks of seating as and when required. Flexibility is the main plus point of this waiting area solution. Chairs that can be connected or disconnected depending on space or government restrictions (for example) means you’re able to adapt the waiting area without paying for additional seating when you require alternative seat place configurations.


Problem: I need seating that is durable for demanding environments.

Waiting Area Solution 2) Floor-fixed Dual Beam seating is ideal for public area waiting rooms and Evertaut provides strong and sturdy seating solutions to doctor’s surgeries, dentists, hospitals and other applications nationwide, on a weekly basis. Our floor fixed seating’s durability, makes it the optimum choice for heavy traffic spaces and is suitable across a broad range of UK public area waiting rooms. Our floor fixed seating can also be individual, with or without tip up. Weight loaded to 25 stone (floor fixed no tip) this seating will provide the strength, support and safety required for demanding environments. For those working in infection control areas, antimicrobial wipeable vinyl is available. Whatever your fabric choice, you can be sure to find a colour and material to match your environment.


DDA fixed seating

Problem: I need seating for those who need a rest in a tight space.

Waiting Area Solution 3) Our Solar DDA is a compact seat which flips up to ensure economical use of space throughout the day or night. In addition to public waiting zones, the Solar DDA can also be used in retail store waiting areas or changing room cubicles. Customers have installed these space saving seats in fire escape areas and as additional seating in corridors without impacting on passageways. Compact and economical, the Solar DDA is suitable for those who require a brief rest, after climbing stairs for example. Available with black or white metalwork, a choice of manual or automatic seat tipping and an array of fabrics or vinyls, the Solar DDA is the waiting space seating solution that is small but mighty!

Furniture finishes are an important part of the seating selection process. Not only are they central to the look and feel of your waiting area, the raw materials we use are key to the longevity of the seating in the space. Areas with high footfall are subject to rigorous wear and tear on a daily basis. Upholstered waiting room seats offer an easy-clean solution for cleaners and facilities managers who need to provide sanitary waiting spaces that can be wiped clean around the clock. But for areas deemed at a higher risk of vandalism, court and prison waiting areas for example, then less penetrable alternatives to upholstery may be more suitable. 

In addition to upholstered seating, our beam seating is available in a choice of plastic or wood finishes. When floor fixed, Evertaut’s plastic or wood beam seating assists in keeping a busy waiting room in order as the chairs cannot be moved around the space. This also reduces cleaning time at the end of the day as the seats (on the beam) will always remain in a uniform position. Tip up beam seating also enables easy floor cleaning. The duration of waiting should also be a consideration when selecting your seating, whilst still considerably comfortable, plastic or wood alternatives are not as comfortable as upholstered pads to sit on for long periods.

Whatever your needs, style or budget, when space is at a premium sourcing the most suitable seating solution for your waiting area is paramount. Our many products, can also be tailored to your requirements to create a bespoke seating solution just for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form below, your enquiry will be responded to by a real person (sitting/waiting comfortably) who is more than happy to help.