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How to Facilitate Social Distancing of Spectators in Stadium Seats

Evertaut News

17 Dec, 2020

Following the major disruption the Coronavirus pandemic has caused to football in the UK, more than 40,000 fans were finally permitted to return to EFL and Premier League matches at the beginning of December. Government officials were also in attendance to monitor proceedings and it is reported they were impressed by how clubs had organised the return of fans.

Although current Coronavirus restrictions allow only 2,000 spectators to attend matches in tier 2 areas and 4,000 in tier 1, it is hoped that pilot events will be able to take place in the new year allowing greater numbers. With the introduction of mass-testing and the new Coronavirus vaccine, clubs can now look forward with greater optimism of capacity being increased in the not too distant future.

As clubs make preparations for the easing of restrictions, one of the key factors they need to consider is how to facilitate the social distancing of spectators. This applies both when they are entering and leaving the stadium and whilst they are watching matches.

In response to the requirement for audience social distancing solutions, Evertaut has launched 2 new products this year which were initially taken up by theatres and other venues with an auditorium. As football stadiums feature a similar type of fixed, tiered seating, Social Distancing Seat Covers and Seat Caps are also an ideal solution for these facilities and we have now begun supplying these to clubs in the UK.

Social Distancing Seat Covers for Stadium Seats

Social Distancing Seat Covers are the most suitable option for stadium seats as they wrap around the entire seat and fasten underneath with Velcro. They can be made to any length required to ensure a snug fit, allowing clubs to clearly identify seats which are out of use and preventing spectators from sitting on them. These seat covers offer numerous benefits over alternative solutions such as stickers or signs, not least because they are more durable, longer-lasting, and can be removed and re-used multiple times without leaving any kind of mark or residue on seats.

Social distancing seat covers on stadium seats

Social Distancing Seat Caps for Stadium Seats

For any stadium seats that are not exposed to the elements, Social Distancing Seat Caps are the alternative solution which sit over seat backs to clearly highlight them as being out of use. They are held in place by elastic straps which stretch around the sides (for this reason they are not suitable for use in areas where strong winds could potentially dislodge them and blow them away).

Seat Caps can be manufactured in various sizes and the elastic can be sewn wherever required to take into account the height of seat backs and arms.

Range of stadium seats fitted with social distancing seat caps


Both options are manufactured from antimicrobial stretch fabric which is dye sublimation printed in any colour or design required at no additional cost. This allows clubs to have Seat Covers or Caps branded in their team colours with their logo or crest and the addition of any text or other design. It also potentially offers sponsorship opportunities. The antibacterial properties of the fabric last up to 30 washes at 60°C.

Social distancing solutions for stadium seats offer clubs a simple yet effective method of distancing spectators whilst watching a match. They can be used to block out entire rows of seating or to prevent fans from sitting too close to each other.

Whilst we all look forward to a time when stadiums can return to full capacity, social distancing will be a reality for a while to come and with the introduction of these new products we are working to help clubs manage this effectively.

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