Why Specify Diploma Lecture Theatre Seating?

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10 Feb, 2021

Evertaut offers a range of lecture theatre seating suitable for use in secondary schools, higher education establishments and conference facilities. As a long-established supplier of office and general seating, we began manufacturing auditorium seating at the start of the millennium and are now key suppliers to the education and leisure sectors in the UK.

In this article we take a closer look at our popular Diploma lecture theatre seating to give you more information about its features and benefits. If you are responsible for specifying lecture theatre seating, this will help you decide if it is suitable for the project you are working on.


Diploma Lecture Theatre Seating Range

There are 2 seats in the Diploma range – the standard Diploma and the Diploma Plus. The Diploma is a classic style lecture chair with a plain back whilst the Diploma Plus is an enhanced version featuring a deeper seat and the option of various design details within the seat back.

3 different seat styles from Evertaut's range of Diploma lecture theatre seating


Diploma seats are supplied as standard with rows of fixed desking but we can now also offer the option of individual folding desks – please see the next section of this article for more information on the 2 different desk styles available.

The Diploma and Diploma Plus are compact lecture chairs which can be tailored to your requirements: seat width and back height can vary to fit the space available. Generally, the back height is dictated by the step height of the tiering – the higher the step between each row of seating, the higher the seat back. This is because the desktops are usually aligned with the top of the seats in front to give a neat finish which is illustrated in the following images.

Examples of 2 university lecture theatres fitted with Diploma lecture theatre seating with different back heights


The large lecture theatre pictured above left has 2 steps between each row of seating so the seats require a high back in order to fill the gap between the desk and the top of the seats in front. In contrast, the smaller teaching space pictured above right has only one low step between each row so the seat backs here are much lower.

However, it is still possible to have a seat back made higher or lower than the desktop regardless of the step height if this is your preference. The lecture space below left does not have a tiered floor so seat backs would be extremely low if they were aligned to the height of the desktops. In this case the seat backs have been made higher than the desks to aid student comfort and improve back support. Below right, whilst the seat pictured is not a Diploma, this illustrates how seat backs can be made lower than desktops if required.

Evertaut lecture theatre seating back height options


Diploma Lecture Theatre Seating Desk Options

As seen on the images featured above, Diploma lecture theatre seating is supplied as standard with rows of fixed desking. However, in response to customer demand, we can now also manufacture the Diploma with individual folding desks. These provide each student with the maximum desk size possible within the available space with the added benefit of easily folding away when not required. The latter is a key feature that is being more regularly specified as it allows ease of access along rows and gives more personal space to each person seated when the desk is not in use. It is also ideal for multi-purpose auditorium spaces where a desk is not always needed. Seats with these types of desks are also an alternative to those with fold-away writing tablets as they offer a much larger work surface.

Diploma lecture theatre seating with folding desks


Both desk types are manufactured from MDF with Formica Fundamentals laminate to both faces, complete with polished edges. ABS edging is also available as an option. The Formica Fundamentals range includes a wide variety of different finishes from wood effects to bright colours.


Lecture Theatre Seating Upholstery

The use of different fabric and laminate colours allows you to create a wide range of different looks with the Diploma seat.  This is clearly demonstrated in the variety of images below where you can see a range of education establishments where our Diploma lecture theatre seating has been installed. You also have the option of exposed wooden under-seat boards which can be painted or stained in a range of colours; another element to help create an individual look and style.

Range of Diploma lecture theatre seating installations in university lecture theatres and education establishments


When it comes to choosing upholstery fabric for Diploma lecture theatre seating, Camira Mainline Plus is the most popular option. You can see the full range of standard fabrics we offer here but if you’re looking for something different, we can source fabric from any supplier of your choice, subject to minimum order quantity.

Another option to consider is antimicrobial vinyl which can look equally as smart as fabric with the added benefit of killing bacteria that is exposed to the surface. Specifically, Chieftain Just Colour vinyl has also been found to eliminate Coronavirus after only one hour of contact.*


Provision for Wheelchair Users – Removable Banks of Lecture Theatre Seating and Portable Desks

It is essential to make provision for wheelchair users in any lecture theatre and there are several ways you can do this. Removable banks of seating can be positioned on the front or back rows (dependent on where the entrance/exit to the lecture theatre is located).

Lecture theatre seating is usually fitted in long linked rows and is screwed to the floor through metal footings. Removable banks are made up of 2 or 3 seats linked together. These sit at the end of a row and can simply be unscrewed from the floor and moved away as and when required. This allows you to maximise capacity in the lecture theatre as they can be left in situ and used as standard seats when no wheelchair users are present.

Diploma lecture theatre seating with wheelchair access on front row with portable desks and back row with wheelchair spaces


On a front row, wheelchair access is often possible with the use of either fixed or removable seating. In either case it is recommended the desks in front are manufactured with castors so they are portable and can be moved forward as required to allow for wheelchair access. A portable desk is pictured at the far end of the front row, above left.

When positioned on a back row, once a removable bank is taken away, wheelchair users can then access the space and utilise the desk attached to the back of the seat in front. Alternatively, the back row can be left free of seating as in the lecture theatre above right where the entire back row has a desk accessible to wheelchair users.


Planning an Installation of Diploma Lecture Theatre Seating

If you think Diploma lecture theatre seating might be the right choice for the education establishment you are specifying seating for, Evertaut can provide a no-obligation budget quotation – simply let us know how many seats you require.

If you want to take things further we can arrange a site survey and draw up a seating plan for you, tailoring our Diploma seats to fit your space in line with the required capacity.

To make an enquiry, please complete and submit the short form below, or call us on 01254 297880.