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The Advantages of Tiered Seating

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30 Jun, 2021

Tiered seating describes any type of seating that is fitted to a raked or tiered floor. Whilst it is commonly found in large auditoriums, it can also be fitted in smaller establishments. Tiered seating is used in a range of venues where there is an audience and it is primarily designed to improve sightlines. It allows a large number of people to watch a performance, lecture or event, providing everyone from the front to the back row with a clear view.

As an experienced manufacturer and supplier of auditorium seating, Evertaut can also bespoke design, manufacture and fit tiered flooring to provide a complete tiered seating solution. We have worked with clients, architects and main contractors on seating projects in venues across the UK.

All of our tiered floor structures are designed to accommodate all under-floor services and are bespoke designed to fit each individual space. They can be fitted to flat, stepped or raked floors and are suitable for curved, straight and angled rows of seating, examples of which are pictured below.

Tiered flooring installations

Tiered Seating in Small Spaces

Even in smaller venues, tiered seating vastly improves sightlines. In the case of the university lecture room pictured below left, tiered lecture seating is fitted in a curve, ensuring all students have a clear view of the lecturer and any visual material being presented to them. This in turn helps enhance the learning experience and allows students to focus on the lecture and the subject matter being taught.

Below centre, tiered theatre seating in this little theatre ensures audience members do not miss any of the action on stage and can also enjoy every performance in comfort.

Below right, although this training room is relatively small, tiered conference seating eliminates the potential distraction and seat shuffling caused by a poor view.

Examples of tiered seating installations in small lecture theatre, theatre and conference room

Tiered Seating in Large Establishments

In larger establishments with an auditorium, tiered seating is not only essential to sightlines but also to maximising the capacity of the venue. Below left, tiered seating with integral desks ensures all students in these lecture theatres will have clear sight of teaching personnel and any on-screen subject information being taught.  Below centre, the tiered seating in this theatre auditorium provides every member of the audience with an uninterrupted view of the stage whilst below right, tiered seating once again provides a clear view for delegates in a training room.

Examples of tiered seating in large lecture theatres, theatre and conference room

If you already have a tiered floor in situ, there are a wide range of tiered seating solutions available which can be tailored to fit the space. If you have a venue where you want to maximise capacity and improve sightlines then having a tiered floor fitted is the ideal solution. Tiered seating can then be fitted to this.

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