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Luxury Stadium Seating Helps Evoke a Football Ambience Beyond the Stands

Evertaut News

14 Jul, 2021

Whilst luxury, upholstered stadium seating was primarily designed for the comfort of fans and executives at football matches, it can also be used in other spaces and is not exclusive to the pitch side.

Evertaut’s executive stadium seating has been used by a range of different businesses in the UK where they have sought to evoke a football ambience. It is also regularly used by football clubs in other areas of their stadia.


For businesses involved in the world of football, executive stadium seating can make a great fixture in reception areas, meeting or conference rooms. It can help create a striking first impression and convey an ethos focused on the sport.

The reception area of fansChat’s London office was given a football themed makeover with Evertaut’s Olympian stadium seating, astro turf and mini flood lights. The stadium seating was upholstered in various different colours of vinyl to prevent allegiance with any specific team.

This colourful array of stadium seating provides a unique welcome, portraying the true essence of the business which is focused on football fans across the UK and beyond. It continues to captivate visitors and creates a great first impression of an organisation that aims to stand out from the crowd.

Olympian stadium seating fitted in office reception area

Football Clubs

Swansea City FC commissioned an installation of Olympian stadium seating in their training facility where it was fitted on a bespoke designed tiered floor. Artificial grass was also used as a floor covering to create a vibe more akin to a stadium than a conference room.

Although the space is relatively small, a tiered floor ensures everyone seated has a great view of what is being presented to them. This allows training to be delivered more effectively as footballers are able to focus on the coach or trainer and are not distracted by the need to seat shuffle in order to get a better view.

Other clubs across the UK have also kitted out their training facilities, press rooms and media facilities with luxury stadium seating.

Olympian stadium seating in training facility

Promotions & Sponsorship

With so many products affiliated with football, executive stadium seating is regularly used by brands as part of football themed promotions. Beer brands in particular often do this during major tournaments such as the Euros and World Cup when pubs are packed with fans. Stadium seating branded with their product logo helps create an immersive experience.


In addition to the various uses mentioned above, luxury stadium seating can also be installed in other venues with an auditoria. For theatres and cinemas looking to offer something different from our Deluxe range of theatre and cinema seating, the Olympian stadium chair can also be fitted in these establishments. Its high back and deeply cushioned seat with the option of cup holders makes it a viable alternative seating solution, subject to the row depths available. It is also suitable for corporate conference rooms and other similar facilities.

Upholstered stadium seating used in brand promotions with logos embroidered on seat backs

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