Working with Lecture Seating Manufacturers in the UK

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5 Aug, 2021

If you are looking to source lecture seating for an education establishment or training facility, there are a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers who you could potentially do business with. A quick Google search will present a range of manufacturers who you can deal directly with as well as intermediaries who can source what you require.

Whilst you could quickly contact several suppliers for a budget quote, it often pays to do some research on the companies you plan to approach first. Lecture seating is a high value investment and you need to be confident in the skills, experience and reputation of any company you consider working with.

Replacing lecture seating

If you’re looking for replacement lecture seating you can either research potential options online or go direct to manufacturers with your requirements and ask them to recommend a suitable seat from their range.

If you have an existing seating plan drawn up it is useful if you can provide this. Alternatively, if you can confirm the number of rows and seats per row this is usually sufficient to facilitate the preparation of a budget quotation. In some cases, particularly if you want to change the seating configuration, a site survey may be required.

Pictured below, Evertaut’s Aspire lecture theatre seating was fitted as replacement seating in a training room. Fixed desks co-ordinate with under-seat boards whilst the carpet colour was matched to the seating upholstery fabric.

Aspire lecture theatre seating in a training facility, made and installed by seating manufacturers, Evertaut

Refurbishing lecture seating

If your lecture seating is starting to look worn but the overall structure is still sound and robust, refurbishment may be an option. It is often possible to fit new foams and reupholster seating, rather than replace the whole seating unit. Refurbishment is usually cheaper than a brand new seating installation and can revive seats to look as good as new, increasing their lifespan whilst keeping costs down.

Pictured below, Evertaut’s Diploma lecture seating was refurbished with new seat foams and re-upholstery whilst desktops and under-seat boards were replaced. New carpet was also fitted to modernise the space and co-ordinate with the seating.

Lecture theatre seating in a university lecture theatre shown before and after refurbishment

New build lecture theatres

If you are an architect or main contractor quoting for seating as part of a larger project, most seating manufacturers will be able to give you a relatively firm quote upon provision of a seating plan and specification. On new build projects tiering is frequently also required and many seating manufacturers can also produce this bespoke to your specifications.

Pictured below, Evertaut’s Diploma lecture seating is fitted in a new build university lecture theatre.

New build lecture seating manufacturers

Lecture seating options

When it comes to specifying lecture seating, there are now a range of options available which obviously impact the cost. Lecture seating manufacturers will need to know your requirements in order to provide an accurate quote.

Seat specification

Most lecture seating is cushioned and upholstered but you need to consider how plush you want it to be. Even basic lecture seating is designed to be comfortable but the deeper and wider the seat and the higher the back, the more the price will obviously increase. Arms help delineate personal space and aid comfort but obviously add to the cost. You will also need to specify the required fabric range.

Most suppliers will have a standard range of contract fabrics that they offer and these will all have been designed to withstand high frequency usage and the demands of a busy lecture theatre environment. Anti-microbial vinyl is also becoming a more popular option since the Coronavirus pandemic. For more exclusive conference or training facilities there may be a requirement for something more upmarket and most suppliers will be able to source this for you.

You should also consider how disabled users will be accommodated in the lecture theatre in terms of both access and seating. Removable banks of seats can be fitted on the front or back row (dependent on location of exits) or permanent wheelchair spaces can be made available.



Lecture seats with fixed desks are usually the most economical option but for multi-purpose spaces folding desks or fold-away writing tablets can be a better choice. Folding desks offer users maximum workspace whilst writing tablets usually have a smaller surface area. Either are suitable for lecture spaces where a desk isn’t always required or for facilities where more flexibility is needed.

Portable desks are frequently used on the front row of lecture theatres as they improve disability access. These can be manufactured to match other desks but are fitted with castors to make them transportable. An example of this can be seen on the right hand side of the previous photograph.



Tiering can be bespoke designed to fit each unique space and to accommodate all underfloor services. It can be fitted to flat, stepped or raked floors, in straight rows or on a radius, taking into account viewing angles of students and delegates who will be using the facility. Finding a supplier who can manufacture both tiering and seating can allow for a more seamless installation process.

Pictured below, fixed tiering manufactured and fitted by Evertaut in a new build lecture theatre.

Fixed tiering manufactured by Evertaut

Why Choose Evertaut as your Lecture Seating Manufacturer?

As one of the leading lecture seating manufacturers in the UK, Evertaut works with clients, architects and main contractors on education projects across the country. From small training rooms to large lecture theatres, we have a range of seating solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

We offer a complete service from design to installation and as a Constructionline Gold member we are pre-qualified to work with main contractors, holding all the necessary certifications including ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Standards.

Evertaut’s lecture seating can be found in universities and education establishments across the UK as well as a range of training and conference facilities. We are also experienced suppliers to the MOD. We work on projects large and small and there is no minimum order quantity.

Collaborating with a seating manufacturer such as Evertaut also means you cut out any intermediary and ensures you get the best value. With over 80 years’ experience in the seating market we can work with you to ensure your seating project is delivered on time and on budget.

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